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'Who am I?' that's probably the hardest question to answer, really. What defines us? What makes 'me', me? I believe that we are all created uniquely and special in many ways. As cliche as it sounds, no matter how old you are, we are constantly evolving and creating our identity through bits and pieces of our life journey.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Sydney, studying Marketing and Information System. Jumping off the academic/ student life has been a bittersweet journey. On one hand, I do miss the three months long holiday while I'm now glad that I have escaped the mid and yearly exams (phew!). Fortunately being a working adult isn't as dull as I thought it would be. Thanks to the dynamic working culture in Australia, I get to balance my social and professional life perfectly. 


I know that most blogs are typically filled with their pondering thoughts on life, travel experiences and fashion. Not running away from those commonalities- I want to present content beyond that. This not merely showcasing what I can do- but simply showing what I love to do. I create infographics, being creative, sharing my experiences and reviewing books!


I am a creative person and an aspiring entrepreneur. I am fascinated with design thinking processes, particularly the ideation process. I love churning out new fresh ideas, strategies that are actionable yet out of the box. I love the freedom of pouring my ideas out on a blank canvas. With that, I came up with a challenge for myself: To solve a problem every week. I will create a product or services every week to solve a particular problem. You can see some of my ideas under my 'IDEAS' page. 

Another activity that I enjoy is reading! Recently I've been reading self-help books (talk about #adulting) and I will provide a summary as well review in this blog as well. I also currently starting out a business with my partner, which I would definitely update it here.

I live by the quote ''Constantly challenging myself''.  Publishing this website is a big challenge for me. Having English as my second language, I often doubt my writing and language skills. This is why this blog is a perfect platform to tell my story, because you'll only learn by being out of your comfort zone.