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Welcome! This space is dedicated to my ever-wandering mind. I notice problems that are happening around me- be it small / first world or even real problems! I like to challenge myself by thinking of an 'invention' that could solve them, one at a time. It could be in a form of product, campaign or services- please excuse the witty names I came up with!

IDEA #1: Oh baby!


''The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a

mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish

that position to your children''

Problem: Providing busy to-be or pregnant or current mothers the ease

of shopping!

What we do: Monthly subscription box for mothers (all inclusive) on babies

and mothers products. All products are backed by medical expert such as 

Obstetrician/Gynecologist.  Products would be different for every stage of

pregnancy. Each user would do a simple personality test to understand their

preferences. This is to ensure that we send products that are useful for them. For example, if a mother indicates that she prefers book instead of e-book, we would send her the latter instead. Below I will break down possible products for each pregnancy stages. 

Expecting mothers: Requires guide on motherhood, especially first timers. Possible products that would be provided would be books, vitamins, financial plan before having a kid.

First trimester: Woman will experience hormonal changes inside the body. Symptoms such as heart burn, bloating, morning sickness is to be expected. What we can provide is new pants or waistband extender, body pillow, body lotion, and a pregnancy journal. 

Second trimester: The unpleasant effects of early pregnancy may start to dissapear and time to get ready for the baby! Baby bedding, changing table, personalised baby clothes and baby room accessories. Not forgetting the Gender Reveal Party! We would send all the items they indicated they need.

Third trimester: Make sure that the home is ready to welcome a new baby. From baby proofing, nursery toys, baby items, nursing bras, baby books, the list is endless. Don't worry because our extended list would help you in deciding what to buy!

This monthly box is not necessarily replaces their shopping time at the mall, it could be an addition to what they need and offers the convenience of having it delivered to their doorstep. This box also acts as a surprise box as for some item, they could only indicate their preference and not knowing exactly what are they going to receive. Overall, we aim to bring happiness by sending the best, most suitable products!


IDEA #2: bakEASY


Just like every other girl, I love to bake, minus the cleaning up of course. I bake irregularly, usually whenever I go to my friend's house. One problem that I encounter is the lack of  small-portion baking ingredients sold. Taking example from bestrecipes.com.au,10 serves of chocolate cake requires 1 cup of self-raising flour, 3tbs cocoa powder, 1/2 cup caster sugar, 1 tsp vanilla essence and so on. Whenever we buy the ingredients, we ended up buying 1 500g bag of self raising flour, 1 100g can of cocoa powder, 1 bottle of vanilla essence, etc. 

Remember, we are a 'recreational-bakers'. As much as we do not want to have leftover, we still do. Just imagine that we only require 3 tsb of cocoa out of a whole can. If you ask, what don't you store it? Well, again, we do not bake regularly and we will mostly bake using different ingredients every time. I mean, who would want to bake same chocolate cake every time right?

Solution: What if we could deliver you the exact amount of your baking ingredients?

As such, customer could just send us a screenshot/photo of the recipe. We would gather the ingredients as per needed and deliver it to you. This would definitely encourage people to bake more as it offers convenient. You don't need to worry about storage, measuring and wasting your ingredients.  Most importantly, you get to enjoy your baking! Yums! 

IDEA #3: hungNOver


For you party peeps, wouldn't it be great if you receive a care package just as you woke up from your hungover? My current ideas revolves around delivering hungover cure such as sports drinks, warm toast/ pizza and medication (if it's really really bad) to your doorstep But the best part is that you were actually the one who bought the care package yourself! How can that be? 

Solution: User would indicate one night before that they would be partying and receive the delivery on the next day. This box allows customisation- (done when they are sober, of course!). Choices such as the kind of food they would love to receive and the time of delivery could be adjusted.. This allows people to party all night long without being scared of getting extremely hungover on the next day. One problem with this is I am assuming that you will end up at your designated address instead of somewhere else....

IDEA #4: Drink+

Growing up in an Asian family, I was given many vitamins pills to eat (I hope it's not only me), From fibre, vitamin C, vitamin D- you name it I probably have it in my drawer. But I always ended up finishing my chewables vitamin C and other vitamin gummies- which I am pretty sure they contain more sugar than what they claim. I mean, are you sure 3 gummies a day would prevent me from flu?

Problem: Being mostly outside all the time, I was too lazy to bring my multivitamin as I do not have the right container for it. And let's be honest, those pill dispensers/ container/organisers are not trendy enough... (Sorry for those who are using). I feel that bringing another container, no matter how small it is, is still a hassle for me. 

Solution:  How about combining pill container to water bottle? Check out this Phone Storage workout bottle that

I found here. Working on similar ideas with the phone container water bottle,,, the bottles would have an extra

container at the bottom to store your multivitamins. We would only need small space as we don't eat that

much pills anyway.

Another way to expand this idea is to create a clip on container so that user could  use their

current water bottle.  It would be in form of an elastic band with a container, just like this

charging bracelet I found in Amazon.  This way, user could simply put the band around their 

water bottle or even use it as a key chain.

Well, if this product ever created I promise that I eventually would finish my multivitamin!

IDEA #5: Jobtasker!


The reason why I named it jobtasker, similar with Airtasker is because I was inspired by it. Me as a full-time university student often struggle to find the time to work, be it part time or casual. Even with casual, you are required to clock in a certain hours and it is not a one-time job. This is where Airtasker core competency; its flexibility comes to play. Airtasker is a Customer-to-Customer marketplace. The idea of Jobtasker employs a Business-to-Customer model. This means that companies who need extra manpower just for a day or a particular time could post its job on the website.  It would then alert user on the job nearby. 

Of course, when user sign up, a background check such as education, any qualifications/certifications, National Police check had to be done. This is useful for companies that requires volunteer or manpower for special event. The final product could start with a Facebook group, that would post regular job from companies that need extra manpower on that day. Facebook group is chosen as downloading application would deter students/users to use it. 

This would then extend the flexibility for both parties and students like me to get extra money. 

IDEA #6: D'gig

A short form of Digital Gig. I play ukulele in my free time and I self-taught myself through YouTube. My ukulele skill is pretty basic, by that I mean I can't play a song without a music sheet, nor can I play melodic tunes. So... what I can do is strumming and at most, do a pretty complicated chord... But believe me, with ukulele, knowing how to play 4 basic chord which are C, G, Am, F allows you to play hundreds of songs. 

Throughout my experience of joining gigs and music group, they are of a certain level of skill (read: expert level). Yes. They are able to play by ears, improvise and some even do melodic. Damn. 

Problem: Finding fellow friends who play ukulele at beginner level, but at the convenience of home.

Solution: Video-call conference gig/ Digital gig

Firstly, you have to indicate your expertise level and get matched with others. Then you just have to be online at a certain time to play with the rest and have fun!! 

IDEA #7: Tissue Refill Station

Well, I guess you could pretty much guess what is it about.

Problem: Wastage of tissue boxes that gets thrown away every usage 

Solution: Buyer will have to buy an eco-friendly, durable, cute, amazing, long-lasting tissue box, bring it to the station and get the refill. 

Yes, I know that Coles and Woolies (big supermarket chain in Australia) sells tissue with a bio-degreeable box. However, wouldn't it be more sustainable if there is no such waste from the start? Just imagine how many boxes ended up in the landfill, waiting to be sorted and finally recycled,-which probably going to take months (I assume)?